Max-Secure® Institutional Furniture

One piece, high quality anti-ligature furniture for your institution

For decades Max-Secure® has been providing tough facilities with even tougher anti-ligature furniture. Designed and manufactured to withstand the everyday, intensive use of challenging environments, Max-Secure institutional is the result of close working relationships with industry experts and field research.

Each piece of Max-Secure Furniture has undergone extensive testing to ensure top-performance, even under the most challenging uses. Every precaution has been taken to ensure a completely safe line of anti-ligature furniture, without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Resident Room Furniture

A full range of resident room furniture allows you to comfortably furnish all the resident rooms in your facility. With safety at the forefront of each of our designs, you can have the peace of mind knowing residents are still safe, even in areas under less supervision.

Max-Secure®’s range of resident room furniture includes:

– Beds, with or without storage

– Bunk beds

– Restraint beds

– Storage shelves

– Night stands

– Desks and matching stools  

Dining and Day Room Furniture

Support positive interactions between residents, staff and even visitors with Max-Secure®’s line of dining and day room furniture. This selection of anti-ligature furniture adds an additional level of safety your facility’s common areas, without sacrificing on comfort. Max-Secure®’s resident friendly and tamper-resistant furniture pieces are sure to enhance your facility.

Max-Secure®’s range of dining and day room furniture includes:

– Arm and armless chairs

– Dining tables

– Games tables

– Benches

Security Wall Systems

Max-Secure® offers both a Perimeter Wall Cap and Parapet Wall System as cost-effective methods to provide continuous security around walls and flat roofs.

Ceiling and Wall Systems

The ceiling and wall format of this one-piece composed system makes any manipulation impossible, resulting in a completely tamper-proof product.  This product was designed to ensure no space in your facility can be used for hiding contraband, and allows your facility to place various wiring systems in a safe, tamper-proof location.

We know you need furniture that’s just as tough as your facility, that’s why we only use the most durable composite materials available, ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone in your facility.