Armor-Tile® Detectable Warnings

Setting the standards for durability and detectability in Tactile Warning Systems

Armor-Tile® tactile warning systems have been expertly engineered to provide a long-lasting, completely code-complaint accessibility solution. As a world leader in ADA compliant truncated domes, Armor-Tile® sets the standard for durability and weather and wear resistance in detectable warning tiles.

Truncated dome tiles can often be found in public spaces such as pedestrian crosswalks, stair landings, elevator approaches and transit platforms, allowing person with visual impairments to safely navigate through public spaces on their own. Armor-Tile® provides a full line of truncated dome tiles, ensuring a code compliant solution for every project.

Armor-Tile® Cast in Place Tiles

Cast in place truncated dome tiles are the ideal choice for new projects, as these lightweight tiles easily install into wet-set concrete. Armor-Tile® offers the most cost-effective solution for creating a code compliant curb ramp.

Armor-Tile® cast in place tiles are available in standard 11 colors and 7 different sizes, including radius sizes.

Armor-Tile® Surface Applied Tiles

Surface applied truncated dome tiles offer the perfect solution for retrofitting existing projects and ensuring ADA code compliance. Armor-Tile®’s surface applied tiles have specifically been designed with beveled edges, to create a seamless transition from walking surface to ADA tile.

Armor-Tile® surface applied detectable warning pavers are available in 11 standard colors and 6 different sizes, including radius.

Armor-Tile® Herculite Series Tiles

Armor-Tile®’s Herculite tiles are one of the most innovative accessibility solutions among all ADA tiles. Although installed into wet-set concrete, these detectable warning pavers allow for quick and easy replacement, as necessary.

Armor-Tile® Herculite series truncated dome tiles are available in 7 standard colors and 4 different sizes.

Armor-Tile® Modular Paver Tiles

Our modular paver detectable warning tiles take the industry-leading durability of Armor-Tile® products to a whole new level. Like all Armor-Tile® truncated dome tiles, our modular pavers are manufactured using our diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite, but are filled with a high strength polymeric con- crete, creating an exceptionally dense, durable detectable warning tile.

Armor-Tile® modular pavers are available in 10 standard colors and 2 different sizes.

Armor-Tile® Detectable Guidance Tiles

Our ADA compliant detectable directional tiles are a cost-effective solution for both new and existing projects and can be installed on university campuses, parks, transit facilities and much more to allow persons with visual impairments to easily, and safely, access your space.

Armor-Tile®’s Detectable Directional tiles are available in 11 standard colors and 5 sizes.

Armor-Tile® Detectable Directional Tiles

Detectable guidance tiles are used to create tactile pathways through large open spaces or between elements to allow persons with vision impairment to safely navigate through public spaces without the aid of others.

Armor-Tile®’s Detectable Guidance Tiles are available in 10 standard colors and one standard size, of 4”x24”.

Ensure your projects meet even the most stringent accessibility standards, and choose Armor-Tile® for both new and existing projects. Choosing Armor-Tile®, you can feel confident knowing you are getting a best in class detectable warning tile, which will provide enhanced accessibility to your space for years to come.