Armor-Deck® Platform Systems

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Platforms and ADA Tiles create a long term solution for failing concrete materials.

As state-of-the-art fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) transit platforms, Armor-Deck® enhances safety and extends far beyond the lifespan of traditional materials. Our FRP panels are composed of a structural reinforced polymer composite, formed into a pre-cast panel incorporating a monolithic Diamond-Tek granite wearing surface and are up to 85% lighter than traditional materials.

Transit authorities across the country have repeatedly chose Armor-Deck® for the ease of installation, elimination of maintenance and replacement, UV stability and of course the industry-leading 25-year structural corrosion resistant warranty. 

Elevated Transit Boarding Platforms

Developed to provide a longer product lifespan, Armor-Deck®’s Elevated Transit Platforms utilize structural composite slabs in place of traditional materials, such as concrete. Because of the non-porous material, Armor-Deck® Elevated Transit Platforms remain unaffected by temperature, water, salt and other ice-melting chemicals.

At Grade Transit Boarding Platforms

Armor-Deck®’s At Grade Transit platform was developed to save time and money in the installation of detectable warning pavers along asphalt transit platforms. Thanks to their lightweight and ease of installation, hundreds of linear feet of Armor-Deck®’s At Grade Transit Boarding Platforms can be installed in just one day, without the use of heavy machinery.

Pedestrian Bridges

Take advantage of Armor-Deck®’s lightweight material and design an aesthetically pleasing installation with our Pedestrian Bridge systems. This customized solution can replace wood, concrete and even steel decks, with the added benefits of corrosion resistance, color selection and ease of installation.

Nexatherm® Ice & Snow Melting Systems

As a controlled heating distribution panel for frost, ice and snow melting applications, Nexatherm® can be incorporated into Armor-Deck®’s FRP transit platforms, bridges, ramps and stairs, or on top of existing concrete. This innovative heating system will not only extend the lifespan of your transit platforms but will reduce labor and maintenance costs.

Armor-Deck® Stairs

Our composite stairs boast a significantly longer lifespan than traditional materials and remain unaffected by salt and other corrosive materials. Armor-Deck®’s durable stairs can be installed on existing substrates, or used in new projects and come in a variety of sizes and colors to best fit your project.

Armor-Deck® Ramps

Armor-Deck®’s ramp systems have been tested extensively to increase the safety and accessibility of transit vehicles, for those using wheelchairs or facing mobility issues. Made from light-weight, durable composites these ramps can face heavy leads yet remain compact enough to be maneuvered by one employee.
Enhance transit safety and extend the lifespan of your next project by choosing Armor-Deck®. These carefully designed and expertly manufactured FRP composite products are made to last, and will continue to exceed your expectations for years to come.