Innovative, Durable and Expertly Engineered

ENG Plastics is a #1 provider of expertly manufactured polymer composite products.

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Armor-Deck At Grade Rail Platform | | Engineered Plastics
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Engineered Plastics Inc.

ENG Plastics is dedicated to providing the most innovative and durable FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) composite products available. Decades of building and maintain relationships with industry leaders has allowed us to create a variety of products that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday, intensive use in even the most challenging environments and extreme climates.

Armor-Tile Tactile Systems

Armor-Tile® is the world leader is ADA compliant truncated domes and detectable warning surfaces, and provides a variety of easy to install tactile warning systems that meet the needs of any project.

Armor-Deck Transit Platform Systems

Armor-Deck® offers ultra-lightweight FRP transit platforms that are up to 85% lighter than traditional materials, while remaining resistant to wear and tear for decades longer. Armor-Deck® eliminates the costs of replacement and maintenance.

Max-Secure Institutional Furniture

Max-Secure® provides correctional and behavioral healthcare facilities across the country with durable, long-lasting anti-ligature furniture that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of safety, while still remaining comfortable.